Importance of Oil Changes and Tire Rotations

Oil change and tire rotation are essential to improve the lifespan of your vehicle engine and tires. Oil changes are recommended for every 5, 000 to 10, 000 miles. A tire rotation can be performed during every such oil change.

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So, how do oil changes and tire rotations contribute to overall vehicle performance and maintenance?

Tire Rotation Contributes to Uniform Tire Wear

Back and front tires wear differently. For example, front tires of all-wheel-drive experience friction and torque at a greater rate than other tires during turning, braking, and accelerating. As a result, they wear more.

Tire rotation – or repositioning tires – regularly makes all tires wear uniformly throughout. With uniform wear, the tread life of the tires is improved - tread is that part of the tire that touches the road surface. A healthy tread is important for attaining strong traction on roads.

Oil Changes Reduce Engine Problems

Regular oil change is essential to get rid of the old oil and the dust and dirt it has accumulated over the months. Clean and fresh oil is important to lubricate the engine parts better and prevent friction. With regular oil change, early wear and tear of the engine and its components can be prevented. Vehicle performance is also significantly enhanced.

Oil Change and Tire Rotation Reduce Expensive Replacements

Continuing to drive your vehicle with old oil can lead to severe engine wear, which can eventually lead to serious consequences such as engine breakdown. Also, individual engine components can wear out early leading to expensive replacements.

As oil gets older, it starts losing its thickness and becomes sludgy. Oil sludge is a solidified mass that can lead to internal combustion issues, eventually requiring engine replacements.

Regular tire rotation reduces early tire wear, reducing the need for frequent tire replacements.

Overall Vehicle Safety and Performance

When you change oil regularly, you know that your engine is being taken care of efficiently. When the engine works well, your vehicle is smooth and there is improved fuel efficiency. Chances of the engine blowing out and high levels of exhaust emissions can be prevented with a timely oil change.

With tire rotation, tread wear is uniform, which leads to maintenance of even tread depth on all tires. This even depth offers balanced handling across all tires, leading to solid traction on roads. This solid traction is especially safer during turning and braking.

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