Top 3 Frequently Asked Questions about Oil Changes

Regular and frequent oil changes are key to running your car smoothly and without any hiccups. This requires you to regularly inspect the quality and level of oil in your car. Doing so can be tricky at times if you aren’t clear on what you need to look for. Here are the top 3 frequently asked questions about oil changes. If you still have any doubts, you can simply take your car for an oil change to a Staten Island Nissan Service Center to get it inspected.

When should you change your car’s oil?

Your car’s manual would have a table mentioning how many miles your car should have traveled to get an oil change. If you do not have access to this manual, contact your Staten Island Nissan Service Center. They would ask you to let them know how many miles your car has run, and if they deem fit, they’ll call you in for an oil change. 

How to check the oil level in my car?

Checking the oil level in your car not only helps you determine if you need to get your oil changed but also lets you know if there is oil leakage. A dipstick to check oil levels can be used for this purpose. These dipsticks are marked with the appropriate level of oil that needs to be in the car. 

Let your car cool down before you check the oil level. Once the engine has been off for a few hours, dip the dipstick in the oil chamber and take it out. If the oil marks at a level lower than what is recommended on the dipstick, get in touch with your Staten Island Nissan Service Center immediately.

What are the warning signs of bad quality or low level of oil?

Other than checking the oil level in your car using a dipstick, you can also ascertain if your car needs an oil change using a few warning signs that the car might show. These warning sounds include:

  • Check Oil Change light is on
  • Dark and smoky fumes from the exhaust
  • Smell of oil in the car cabin
  • Knocking noises heard from the car engine

If any or all of these signs are observed from your car, it is high time that you take your car to the nearest Nissan Service Center Staten Island and get your car’s oil changed. Avail a thorough check-up with an oil change Staten Island service. For more details, visit the Sansone Windsor Nissan dealership in Windsor, NJ, which also caters to customers from the neighboring cities of Cranbury, Princeton, and West Windsor.