Spring Cleaning: Don’t Forget About Your Nissan!

It’s Springtime, which means, in with the new and out with the old. While you’re busy de-cluttering your surroundings and indulging in your annual Spring cleaning exercise, you might want to give your car a good wash over too. In fact, why not deep clean your vehicle the same way you will be deep cleaning your house? Your Nissan car could not thank you enough. 

Spring Cleaning Your Nissan Could Help Add Years To Its Life

Spring cleaning any vehicle is different than cleaning it in winter. Not only will your Nissan have accumulated dirt and debris throughout the Winter season, but the cold will also most likely have stripped it off its protective wax coating. However, with the temperatures rising outside, there should be no excuse for you not to clean your Nissan vehicle. Keeping your Nissan clean and well-maintained can extend its life by years.

Tips To Follow While Spring Cleaning Your Nissan

Taking your Nissan out for a wash and vacuum may not always suffice. If you want to refine your Nissan car thoroughly, here are some useful tips to follow –

    • Get Rid of Your Winter Mats – If you’d installed winter mats onto your vehicle floor, to protect against dirt and mud tracks, you can be sure it has done its job amply well. You don’t want those dirty and greasy mats on your car floor anymore. Take them out and give them a good wash before reinstating them or just discard them altogether.
    • Clean Top to Bottom – When cleaning any vehicle, clean top to bottom. The vehicle floor should be cleaned last as that is where the dirt and dust from the cleaning gathers.
    • Wash and Wax – What your Nissan needs after a long and cold winter is a good wash and wax. You want to get rid of all grime and debris that settled on your car and wax it so that it doesn’t rust.

Get It Cleaned Professionally

Sometimes, all your Nissan needs is professional care. Visit Sansone Windsor Nissan in Windsor, NJ, for all your Nissan vehicle cleaning needs if you happen to be in Cranberry, Princeton or West Windsor. You can expect your 

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