How Often Do Oil Filters Need to Be Replaced?

When was the last time you got the oil filter changed? The oil filter is an instrumental part of your Nissan. It lubricates various parts of the engine and prevents various contaminants such as dirt and grime from entering it. An oil filter change is fairly inexpensive. You can easily opt for Nissan oil change coupons NJ from your dealership. As a precautionary measure, it is recommended that you should opt for an oil filter replacement every time you go in for an oil change.

Here are other tips from the Sansone service department about how often you should get an oil filter change or replacement:

During every oil change

Are you scheduled for an oil change? Then we recommend getting an oil filter replacement as well. The rules and opinions differ slightly on ‘how often’. If you’re driving a classic car with an old engine system, it’s likely very poor at filtering debris very efficiently. If you possess an antique vehicle, we recommend a filter change at the 3,000-mile mark. For all other vehicles, the 7,500-mile mark is recommended.

When the service engine light goes on

There are many reasons why the service engine light may go, but as a general rule of thumb and for the sake of saving money, it’s likely the oil filter needs replacing. Usually, when the engine light is illuminated, it means the engine isn’t working as very well; likely, because there’s lots of dirt and grime accumulating in the engine. As a result, the oil filter gets clogged and requires replacing. Head into your closest Nissan dealers in NJ to get this checked out.

Frequent driving in severe conditions

Do you experience a lot of traffic on a daily basis? Does your driving involve a lot of stop-and-go and towing large loads? Are you required to drive in extreme weather conditions and temperatures? If so, you will need to replace your oil filter more frequently. The conditions mentioned earlier force the engine to work twice as hard. Therefore more maintenance of its components is required.

If you have any doubts about when to get an oil filter change, do call or visit your nearest Nissan dealers in NJ. For the best offers, drop by the Sansone Windsor Nissan dealership in Windsor, NJ, which also serves residents from Cranbury, Princeton, and West Windsor.