Nissan Express Service

Nissan Express Service

At Sansone Windsor Nissan, we offer the Nissan Express Service in Windsor, NJ, and surrounding cities. Just bring your car over and get a comprehensive service at the most budgeted price. 

What Does Our Nissan Express Service Entail? 

Your time is precious. That’s why our trained technicians and servicemen work fast to give your Nissan vehicle a thorough once-over under 30 minutes. 

Our service package includes a variety of multi-check inspections, repairs, and replacements. As part of the service, we provide the following facilities: 

  • Oil top-up and filter change 
  • Wiper blade replacement 
  • Bulb replacement 
  • Brake inspection and repairs
  • Engine air filter replacement 
  • Heater core inspection and repairs

Complimentary Services You’ll Benefit From 

Over time, your car's parts can experience significant wear-and-tear. A timely inspection can save you a lot of trouble in the future. As part of the Nissan Express Service, we offer the following complimentary services: 

  • Exterior inspections and repairs – Fog lights, headlights, High/Low beams, horn, turn signal, Taillights, reverse lights, brake lights. 
  • Interior inspections and repairs – In-cabin lights, A/C microfilter, buttons & controls. 
  • Engine & hood top-ups, inspections and repairs – Coolant steering fluid, brake fluid, windshield washer fluid & transmission fluid top-up, engine cooling system, radiator system, heater/AC systems, and drive belts. 
  • Under-car inspections and repairs – Suspensions & shocks, brake lines, subframe, exhaust, muffler, tie rods, axles, CV boots, bushings, transmission, and car leaks (if any). 
  • Car battery inspections and repairs – Battery capacity testing, terminals/cables, diagnostics & replacement.
  • Tire and wheel inspections and repairs – Tire tread depth, tire pressure, tire rotation. 
  • Brakes inspections and repairs – Pad thickness, rotor condition 

In addition to these, our Nissan Express Service will also include mandatory factory maintenance checks. 

Your Car Is In Safe Hands 

At Sansone Windsor Nissan, our technicians have decades of experience in car servicing. They have worked with Nissan cars for years, and you can rest assured that your vehicle is in safe hands.  If you own a Nissan car in Cranbury, Princeton, or West Windsor, bring your vehicle over to our Service Department.