Compare the Costs: Buying a New Car vs Used

People with an abundance of money typically buy new cars and don’t even consider buying used cars for a second. However, we live in a world where most people don’t have that kind of abundance of riches. As a result, prospective car buyers face a dilemma; buy a brand new car or make do with a used one? Read on to know the advantages and disadvantages of both. For buying quality cars, both new and used, near Cranbury, West Windsor, and Princeton, visit us at Sansone Windsor Nissan.

The pros and cons of new cars

If you have the money to afford a new car of your choice, then undoubtedly, it is the better route to take. After all, with a new car comes new technology, better mileage, innovative design, lower emissions, and very low expenses on repairs, provided you maintain it well.

However, the only disadvantage of buying a new car is that you have to spend a lot of money, even if you buy it on a car loan or an EMI scheme. The value of new cars depreciates rapidly in the first two years, which means that even if you want to sell it at some point within the two years, you are going to have to settle for a much lower price than what you bought it for.

The pros and cons of used cars

Used cars are the go-to option for people who urgently need cars but can’t afford a new one. However, depending on what kind of used car you buy, you can experience several benefits. For example, when you buy a two-year-old car in good condition, you can expect it to give you great performances for another two-three years.

However, as the used car business gets bigger and bigger, there are plenty of unscrupulous sellers who may sell cars with problems under-the-hood to desperate buyers. In such a scenario, even if you pay less than the amount you would have to shell out for a new car, it would result in losses in the long run, as you would have to spend separately on repairs.

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Source: Nissan