2020 Nissan TITAN and TITAN XD Pickup Trucks

Nissan’s TITAN and TITAN XD pickup trucks rank amongst the best in the business. Read on to know what the similarities and the differences are between the two. If you want to take a look at the trucks first-hand, visit our Sansone Windsor Nissan dealership, located in Windsor, NJ, where we cater to the residents of West Windsor, Princeton, and Cranbury.

The similarities

When you first see the two pickup trucks side by side, it can be hard to tell what the differences are. Their general designs are more or less the same, and even when you look under the hood, you can find a plethora of common features.

Some of the similarities in terms of features include the Endurance 5.6-liter V-8 engine, offering 400 HP, the 9-speed automatic transmission, 9-inch infotainment system supporting Apple CarPlay, and a complete driver assistance suite in the form of Nissan’s Safety Shield 360. Even the seating configuration across the two trucks is the same.

The differences

Even though there are more similarities than differences between the two trucks, they do have their differences as well, albeit minor. The Titan XD features a taller suspension and longer length and wheelbase, primarily because it is a heavy-duty three-quarter-ton truck. Its 6.5-footbed is bigger than the Titan’s as well. The XD weighs around 780 pounds more than the Titan.

On the other hand, the Titan is a half-ton truck that is not as heavy-duty as the XD. It has a 5.5-footbed, and also, unlike the XD that has a four-wheel drive, it comes with rear-wheel drive. The final drive ratios for both the trucks are different too, with the Titan’s ratio at 3.69:1, while the Titan XD has a 4.08:1 final drive ratio.

There are differences in terms of maximum payload capacity and maximum towing capacity as well. While the Titan has 1,680 pounds payload capacity and 9,210 towing capacity, the XD’s payload capacity stands at 2,450 pounds and towing capacity at 10,880 pounds.

Both pickup trucks offer quality, and if you are interested in seeing them in-person, visit Sansone Windsor Nissan, one of the most reputed Nissan dealers in NJ.  

Source: Nissan