5 Ways to Find the Best Nissan Lease Offer

The best Nissan deal is one that gets you the vehicle you need at a rate that falls well within your budget. Here are a few ways to get through the maze:

Browse auto magazines and websites

Auto magazines and websites publish information about vehicles with impressive residual value. A vehicle with high residual value – the predicted value at the end of the lease term – attracts lower lease payments.

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Look for special Nissan lease offers

Special Nissan deals are offered to speed up lease sales. Such deals usually include low-interest rates or other leasing attractions. Ensure that you visit an authorized Nissan dealer to avoid high down payments that may sometimes accompany the transaction.

Visit price comparison websites to get the best price deal

Price comparison websites carry information about the sales price of vehicles that you may want to lease. In addition, they also quote the vehicle’s invoice price, which refers to the price a dealer paid for the vehicle.

The invoice price is usually the lowest lease slab you can expect for your vehicle. You can use this information to negotiate your lease price with a dealer.

Ask for quotes from different dealers

You now have a reference sale price value in hand. Check with various dealers and ask for their quote prices. Request for the sale price, not the lease value, to know how reasonable or exorbitant a dealer is at valuing the Nissan you are interested in.

Also, ask them if they offer rebates, a cashback, or other special offers.

Compare the dealer-quoted price with the invoice price

Say Dealer 1 has quoted a price of $24,000 and Dealer 2 $23,000 for the same vehicle. If you are comparing sale prices, you are more likely to go with the dealer that quoted less.

But, to get the best lease deal, compare the dealer’s quoted price with the invoice price. Say Dealer 1 grants an invoice price of $23,500, and Dealer 2 an invoice price of $22,000.

So, Dealer 1 is quoting $500 above its invoice price, whereas Dealer 2 is quoting $1000 higher. So, you might be able to get a better deal with Dealer 2 since you have more room for negotiation here.

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Source: Nissan