When you are looking for spare parts and accessories to service or upgrade your Nissan vehicle, always go for Nissan OEM parts. You dont want your expensive Nissan car to suffer just because you decided to skimp on paying full price for your Nissan spare parts. Sure, you might be able to get discounted deals that seem like a bargain on spare parts to fit into your Nissan. However, these second-hand or non-factory-made spares will always pose the risk of making you pay more later for maintenance. With original...continue reading

Nissan Murano and Ford Edge have often been pegged against each other. Car buyers have always been confused about which model is a better investment. While the average price paid for a Nissan Murano is $42,271, the average price paid for a Ford Edge is $31,265. 

Ford Edge is clearly more affordable, however, there are several features on the Nissan Murano, such as the Nissan fuel economy and Nissan Safety Shield 360 which make it a smarter choice. Lets look at this comparison between Nissan Murano and Ford...continue reading

Leasing a Nissan is a good option to go with if you cannot currently afford to buy the car. Monthly payment and upfront costs of leasing a Nissan can be quite lower than buying the car. There are numerous lease options and lease specials available with several local Nissan dealer for you to consider. However, there are a few things you need to consider when leasing a Nissan. Here are the 5 factors.

1. Have you been offered lease specials?

A local Nissan dealer can offer Lease Specials, which are basically discounted...continue reading

The best Nissan deal is one that gets you the vehicle you need at a rate that falls well within your budget. Here are a few ways to get through the maze:

Browse auto magazines and websites

Auto magazines and websites publish information about vehicles with impressive residual value. A vehicle with high residual value the predicted value at the end of the lease term attracts lower lease payments.

You can always visit Sansone Windsor Nissan in Windsor, NJ, to know about Nissan vehicles with a good residual...continue reading

Purchasing a Windsor pre-owned car may seem complicated, but once you take it home, youll feel like you walked away with a good deal. There are several benefits to purchasing a used vehicle. Some of these are:

- paying lower insurance rates

- lower depreciation

- lower cost compared to a new car

Our beginners guide will help you purchase Nissan used cars with confidence:

1. Keep a flexible budget in mind

Look for a Nissan model that fits into your budget. This will help you zero in on a few choices. Are...continue reading