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Choosing the BEST vehicle for your family

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Whether you have one child, or five children, choosing the best vehicle for your family is not an easy task. Comparisons between safety features and cabin sizes, as well as other family friendly features are great, but you also want to enjoy driving your new vehicle for at least the next 2-4 years.  

A decade ago, finding the right family vehicle meant going directly to a crowded minivan section of the dealership.  Minivans are still available in limited quantities, but today, families have many more choices. Families do not have to settle today with the selection of vehicles and options available. The best vehicle for your family depends on the type of category you are looking for. Fast forward to today, your best family vehicle could be a sedan, crossover, or SUV in addition to the good ‘ol minivan. 

The #1 feature that is most important is the safety ratings of the vehicle.  Manufactures have spruced up the safety features from when we were just little kids.  The advancement in technology has added rear video systems/backup cameras, lane departure warnings, and forward collison warnings. Most of these features are now standard on the lower models being offered. 

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Next, we go into cabin room.  Depending on how many people will be occupying those seats in a vehicle, will determine the size vehicle your family needs. Roomy cabins, storage, and cargo area space are all important when deciding on your vehicle. And along with the size, extra features such as garbage bag hooks, DVD players and personal auxiliary outlets are nice extras for long family trips.

With all this information, once you decide on what type of vehicle is best for you, your next step would be to test drive the vehicle. Looking at photos online is great, but you cannot make a final decision without actually sitting in the vehicle.  Do you have five children?  Bring them too!  You need to sit your family in the vehicle to make sure it works, even with all the car seats.  Fitting your family in the vehicle, with strollers, car seats, children, and spouse, is not available on your computer. Windsor Nissan in Eat Windsor, NJ will allow families to take extended test drives.  This allows you to spend some time with the vehicle, to determine if it is best for your family.  You can also rent before your buy at Windsor Nissan in East Windsor, NJ. These are just some of the ways we want you to make the best buying decision.