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Nissan Rent-A-Car ǀ Hamilton, NJ

We don't just sell and lease- we also offer great retail rentals too!

At Windsor Nissan, we offer great services beyond selling and leasing cars.  We also have an exceptional service department, and we offer great retail rentals when you need to rent a car.  Whether you need another car while your own is in the shop or if you’re just looking to drive a different car for a few days, we can help you out.  Our friendly staff can help you find the right retail rental for you.

If your car is being serviced by our staff for maintenance and repairs, you can easily and conveniently rent one of our cars to keep you on the go even when you own car is out of commission.  If you need a vehicle that’s larger than your own, you can rent one of our vans or SUVs so you can accommodate more passengers or more cargo.  If vacation plans call for you to drive long distances, you can save wear and tear on your vehicle by renting one of ours instead.  You could also drive a newer or more fuel efficient car, which can also help save you money while you’re on your trip.  Whatever reason drive you to need a rental car, our retail rentals can make your trip more convenient and hassle-free.

Another great time to consider a retail rental is when you’re in the market for a new car.  Renting different models can help you do hands-on research to see how each works with your routine and lifestyle.  Stop by our convenient location, and see our extensive inventory. You can check out lots of Nissan models, and see all of the features each has to offer.  Beyond a basic test drive, a retail rental can allow you more time to truly decide if a particular model is a fit for you and your vehicle needs. 

You can depend on our retail rentals.  Each has low mileage, and all of our rentals receive regular maintenance.  We also work to make the rental process easier.  We want your experience at Windsor Nissan to be a “win-win” scenario, so we strive to give you the best quality in all the services we offer.  If you want to drive a different vehicle for a while or if you’re researching different models to find one that’s right for you, our friendly and knowledgeable staff can help you find the retail rental that’s right for you.  Stop by or contact us today!


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