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Nissan Intelligent Key

What is a Nissan Intelligent Key?

The Nissan Intelligent Key is a simple way to lock and unlock your Nissan vehicle. It will also allow you to open the trunk. The technology works by pressing the button on the door when you are carrying your key on you. Your key can be in your pocket or even in your purse. The Intelligent key will save you time from fumbling around to find your key.   You do not need to hold the key in your hand, just have it in your possession.  The Intelligent Key also works by starting your Nissan without putting a key in the ignition. The Key is so smart, you will not be able to lock your vehicle with the key inside, when the ignition is off. It removes the fear of mistakenly shutting your key inside your vehicle or trunk.

How it works:

Intelligent Key uses signals that transmit frequencies between the car and the key, and a tuner that receives the signals. Pressing the button on the door will transfer signals from the key to the car. The car responds by unlocking or locking your vehicle.

Frequently asked questions:

 1. I have an error light on my screen saying “no key”. What do I do?

Your battery in your key fob/remote is low or dead.  Until you can replace the battery, follow directions below.

*       2. What do I do if the battery in the remote is dead?

If your vehicle has a key port on the lower left dash, insert the intelligent key remote/fob in to the port. Now you will be able to start your engine. For Nissan’s with push-button ignition, touch the ignition button with your remote. When you hear the chime, you will have 10 seconds to start your Nissan.


3. What type of battery do I need for my keyfob/remote? 


You can use any brand, size CR 2032 3V.  These batteries can be purchased at Windsor Nissan or any local retailer. 

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