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Differences Between Motor Oil

What type of oil is best for your vehicle?

What do you know about motor oil? If you’re like most car drivers, probably not a whole lot.  Most drivers know they need to change their oil every 3500-5500 miles, and that’s about it. There are several different factors that will affect your vehicles performance.  This will include, the type of driver you are, the utility your vehicle serves, what you constantly lug around with you, and finally, your motor oil.

There are four different types of motor oil to choose from. These include, conventional, synthetic blend, full synthetic, and OEM designated. And we are here to help you decide, which one is best for your personal driving machine.


Conventional motor oil, as the name suggests, will get the job done.  What job? You Ask. The job of the oil is to keep your engine parts lubricated. Intrigued yet? Conventional motor oils are made from petroleum-based oil that has been refined into a base lubricating oil. After it has been refined, the lubricating oil is blended with additive chemicals.  These chemicals are all responsible for something unique. Some additives maintain the temperature of the oil, preventing it from overheating. While others keep bad contaminants, like dirt, dust, pollen, suspended until they can be drained. Most Conventional oils include at least 10 separate additives in addition to the base oil. 

Conventional oil is perfect for someone who drives a regular mid-size sedan, where the temperatures are never too extreme. This person will also not be in too much stop-and-go traffic.


Synthetic Blended oils are a mixture of conventional oils, and full synthetic oils. Synthetic blends are recommended to protect your vehicle from extreme temperatures.   This oil will also be better if you pull a trailer, or drive a fully loaded SUV

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Full Synthetic oil equals a highly modified synthetic base.  Full synthetics are not blended with anything like synthetic blends are. They are formulated only with synthetic base stocks. This type of oil will have several advantages. You can expect increased power and performance, longer engine life, and premium engine protection. However, when choosing a full synthetic oil, make sure you choose a high quality one. Just because the label reads “Synthetic”, does not necessarily mean it is high quality.

Full Synthetic oils are best for drivers who want the best of the best for their vehicle. The best would also add durability, and protection. 


OEM Designed oils were made by automotive manufactures for the vehicles they built. OEM designed oils are most often full-synthetic oils, and can be pricy.  Not all manufactures create this oil for their vehicles. To find out if it is available, you should check with the service department at the dealership you get your vehicle serviced at.

We all need oil in our vehicles to keep them running smoothly.  What oil type do you feel is the best for your vehicle? Is it what you are currently using? If not, will you make the switch?


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