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2015 Nissan Murano Lease in Hamilton, NJ

The All-New Murano Gives You The Freedom Of Choice


When you come in to Windsor Nissan, you will meet a team of professionals who truly understand customer service.  We will work with you to determine an appropriate down payment, monthly payment and term length so you can start a 2015 Nissan Murano lease in Hamilton, NJ, that suits your budget.

When you lease a 2015 Murano, you enjoy all the benefits a brand new vehicle offers.  During a lease term, you only pay for the vehicle's depreciation, resulting in a lower monthly payment.  That means you don’t have to worry about selling it when it starts to have performance issues five, ten or twenty years down the line.

When you sit down in the 2015 Nissan Murano for the first time, you’ll notice all the little details that make its interior so relaxing.  Ambient lights give off a warm glow, subtle chrome accents compliment the leather seats and a widened center console allows for easier communication between the front and back seat passengers.  But the front and rear Zero Gravity seats will really surprise you.  Developed to replicate the weightlessness of space1, these comfortable seats help reduce fatigue so you can arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and ready for an adventure.


Just like you, the 2015 Murano is always ready for an adventure thanks to its insightful safety features that help you respond to potentially harmful situations.  One such feature is the Vehicle Dynamic Control2 which helps you maintain your steered path when hitting the brakes hard or trying to maneuver around unexpected obstacles.  At the same time, the Electronic Brake Force Distribution will send extra force to the rear brakes when you have additional passengers or cargo in the back.

When behind the wheel of your Nissan Murano, you need to stay focused on the road.  That’s why Nissan provides several available features that use sensor technology to determine and alert you to any potential threats. This includes the Intelligent Cruise Control3, Forward Emergency Braking4 (FEB), Blind Spot Warning5 and Predictive Forward Collision Warning6 (PFCW).  When you approach the vehicle in front of you too quickly and the FEB determines that a collision is unavoidable, it automatically engages the brakes to help reduce both the speed of the impact and the damage caused.

At the end of your 2015 Nissan Murano lease in Hamilton, NJ, you have plenty of options.  If you enjoyed your time with the 2015 Murano, you can either purchase it to own or upgrade to the newest version for another lease term.  If you want to change things up a bit, you have the option to lease a different Nissan vehicle from Windsor Nissan.  When it comes down to it, leasing is not a life-long commitment.  If you decide it’s not for you, you can turn in the 2015 Murano and walk away with no strings attached.



(1) Outboard seats only in rear. 

(2) VDC, which should remain on when driving except when freeing the vehicle from mud or snow, cannot prevent accidents due to abrupt steering, carelessness, or dangerous driving techniques.

(3) Intelligent Cruise Control is not a collision avoidance system or warning device. Designed to use limited braking. Failure to apply the brakes could result in an accident.

(4) FEB cannot prevent accidents due to carelessness or dangerous driving techniques. It may not provide warning or braking in certain conditions. Speed limitations apply.

(5) Blind Spot Warning is not a substitute for proper lane change procedures. The system will not prevent contact with other vehicles or accidents. It may not detect every vehicle or object around you.

(6) PFCW is intended to warn you before a collision occurs; it cannot prevent a collision. Speed & other limitations apply. See owner’s manual for details.