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2015 Nissan Altima Lease in East Windsor, NJ

Turn Your Dream Car Into A Reality


Are you a type of person that hates to make long term commitments?  Then the 2015 Nissan Altima Lease in East Windsor is an ideal option for you.  By offering competitive rates and flexible terms to accommodate your present situation, Windsor Nissan can turn your dream car into a reality.

You won’t lose any sleep at night knowing the Altima is designed to keep you safe throughout the day.  The available Lane Departure Warning1 (LDW) & Blind Spot Warning2 (BSW) features won’t let a bad day put you in harm’s way.  If you begin to stray from your lane unintentionally, the LDWwill provide both an audio and visual alert to help regain your attention and put you back on track.

The Blind Spot Warningon the other hand, will notify you with the BSW indicator when another vehicle is inhabiting your blind spot.  As an added caution, a chime will sound if your turn signal is activated whenever a vehicle is detected.


In the case that you don’t respond to an alert in time, Brake Assist3 will help you make an abrupt stop by applying maximum braking force.   While you are desperately trying to avoid a collision, the Electronic Brake force Distribution feature will send extra force to the rear brakes if it detects added passenger or cargo weight in the back.  Both braking features come standard on all 2015 Altima models.

Leasing a new Nissan Altima also comes with the security of a factory warranty to cover major repairs.  Although our expert technicians have the skills to fix any problem in a timely manner, lessees are provided a rental car so they can continue on with their busy schedule as normal.

It’s easy to maintain a smooth ride with the Tire Pressure Monitoring System4 with Easy-Fill Tire Alert5.  An icon on your dash will notify you if any of your tires are not properly inflated at any given time.  Standard on every 2015 Nissan Altima, the Easy-Fill Tire Alertwill beep the horn when each tire is filled to the correct pressure.

Going with the available Smart Auto Headlights is always a bright decision.  They turn on automatically in the dark, and after four swipes when you activate your windshield wipers.  This will ensure that you stay more visible to other drivers at night, in the rain and when driving in snow.

Try something new with the 2015 Nissan Altima lease in East Windsor, NJ.  Nothing is set in stone at Windsor Nissan, as you will have plenty of options when your lease is up.  If you fall in love with your 2015 Altima, you can either purchase it to own or simply enter into another lease with the newer version.  If you have other plans, walk away at the end of your Nissan lease hassle free.



(1)  Lane Departure Warning System operates only when the lane markings are clearly visible. Speed limitations apply. See owner’s manual for details.

(2)  The Blind Spot Warning System is not a substitute for proper lane change procedures. The system will not prevent contact with other vehicles or accidents. It may not detect every vehicle or object around you.

(3)  Brake Assist is only an aid to assist the driver and is not a collision warning or avoidance device. It is the driver’s responsibility to be in control of the vehicle at all times.

(4)  Tire Pressure Monitoring System is not a substitute for regular tire pressure checks.

(5)  Vehicle must be on for Easy-Fill Tire Alert to operate.